Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Clockwork Orange

Oh my followers, sitting on your computers with slices of Toastywoast and slashings of Jammiwam, I have just watched a Sinny and had a proper Horrorshow time. Starting of filled to the brim with ultraviolence and numerous examples of the good ol' In-Out-In-Out that this sinny is famous for (and some not so good example of In-Out-In-Out too if you know what I mean), it soon becomes much more than just extremely violent hardcore porn and, by the end of it, becomes something positively choodessny.

Alex, a very baddiwad molodoy malchick indeed, is the leader of a shaika who go around town drinking drugged moloko, exciting utlraviolence upon other Lewdies they meet and crasting as much cutter as they can get their hands on (while bunking off Skolliwoll too). Unfortunately there is descent among the ranks and, while drating an Baboochka with a giant model pan-handle, Alex is betrayed by his fellow Droogs, clopped over the litso with a milk bottle and left for the Rozzes.

Now a plenny in Prison, Alex finds a way out (a new plenny experiment, the Ludovico Technique, that promises to get him out in a fortnight) and, after befriending the prison Godman, gets his way onto the course. Alas, the course is a nochymare for poor Alex and leaves him a hollow wreck of moodge. The rest of the sinny is basically just him being beaten up by everyone until he jumps out of a window.

The sinny works completely in juxtapositions. This is why we have have scenes of forceful In-Out-In-Out set in classical theatres and brutal scenes of ultraviolence set to good ol' Ludwig Van. It is a very unique sinny to watch and well worth your raz.

So spend a golly and watch this sinny. It's a really horroshow production and is one of those sinnies that everyone should watch at least once.

Oh, and the use of a faux-slang in the movie is very interesting as well.